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"Night alarm: Russian drones hit Kryvyi Rih

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"Night alarm: Russian drones hit Kryvyi Rih

The Dnipropetrovsk region in Ukraine has again become the site of an attack by the Russian Federation. This time, an attack by Iranian "shaheds" was recorded on the night of March 23-24. One drone was shot down by the Ukrainian army, and the other five were destroyed by technological advances. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attack.

However, this attack is not random. Russia again tried to provoke Ukraine and force it to react to the attack, which could trigger a new war. This confirms the statement of the US ambassador to Ukraine, who spoke about the night drone attack.

The consequences of this attack are still being investigated, but it is important to understand that Russia continues to provoke and is preparing for aggression. The Ukrainian army and its allies must be alert and ready for any attacks in order to maintain peace and security in the region. Quoting the words of the head of the Nikopol military district council: "Do not forget about the probability of daytime attacks and avoid open places."

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