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Natalya Lvovna Zabyla: a creative person with high moral values

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Natalya Lvovna Zabyla: a creative person with high moral values

Natalya Lvovna Zabyla is one of the most outstanding Ukrainian writers of our time, whose works are recognized not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. She was born in 1946 in the city of Nikolaev in southwestern Ukraine.

Natalya Zabyla is the author of many well-known works, including "Calendar with Birds", "Wedding with Fear", "Khleborobskaya fate", "Now I know what love is", "May days", "Kara" and others. The work of Natalya Lvivny Zabyloi has great significance for the development of Ukrainian literature and culture as a whole.

The main theme of Zabylo's works is a man and his search for his own place in the world, happiness and love, the fate of Ukraine and its people. The author focuses on spiritual and moral values, talking about simple but important things that are really important for a person.

Natalya Zabyla is an honored artist of Ukraine and has been awarded numerous prestigious prizes and awards. Her works have been translated into many languages, which indicates their international importance and recognition.

Natalya Lvovna Zabyla is not only an outstanding writer, but also a person who is always ready to help those who need it. She is actively engaged in charity work and supports young writers in their creative endeavors.

The high level of creativity of Natalya Zabyloi was recognized not only by critics and literary experts, but also by ordinary people who read her works. Her books help to understand the importance of family values, love and mutual understanding between people, and also illuminate important problems of society.

Natalya Zabyla is the author of not only prose, but also poetry and drama. Her poetry collections "My love" and "Love on snow-white wings" became very popular among readers. She also translates literary works from Russian to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to Russian.

Natalya Zabyla uses a variety of genres and styles in her work, which makes her work interesting and diverse. She combines different themes and elements in her works, which allows her to create unique and original works.

Ukrainian literature cannot be complete without the work of Natalya Lvovna Zabela. Her works are not only artistic masterpieces, but also original instructions for everyone who is looking for meaning in life and strives for spiritual enrichment. She became a real icon for many people who respect her creativity and high moral values.

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