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Interactive fighting map in Ukraine

Map of hostilitiesDeep State



  • Blue areas – the territory from where the invaders are knocked out;
  • Green areas – the territory released at the end of March &mdasin early April;ня;
  • Gray areas – the territory that needs clarification;
  • Red areas – territory captured by the occupiers;
  • Black – the territory of Crimea and ORDLO;
  • Pink – Transnistria territory.

Also on map Deep State The enemy units, enemy staffs used by the enemy airfield, enemy fleet and enemy attacks.

In no way use the card to pave safe routes, but use the green corridors offered by the authorities.

Map of hostilities liveuamap.com

Color marking on the map:

  • Blue – The Government of Ukraine, NATO, and other Western forces;
  • Red – Russia, Belarus, Transnistria.

The areas on the map marked in red are temporarily occupied by the territories of Ukraine.

How was a warfare map in Ukraine from British intelligence from the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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