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Online aircraft alarm is available, which allows one click to track alarm in all regions of the country at the same time.



The unique air alarm map of Ukraine is available online.Now you can immediately check the status of sirens in all corners of the country with the help of one click on the map developed by the developer @gm.Visit the link to access: https://war.ukrzen.in.ua/alerts/

The air alarm map created by Vadim Klimenko is available online for all regions of Ukraine.This is an ideal way to instantly check the status of signals in any part of the country.To open the map, visit the link: https://vadimklimenko.com/map/

The online alarm map, created by the Ukrainian ARGOPREP office, provides an opportunity to find out instantly about the condition of sirens in all regions of Ukraine.Visit the link https://alarmmap.online/, to access this important information.


Air anxiety is important information for all residents of Ukraine.You can now track their status on many online maps that are automatically updated with an interval of 15-20 seconds.You do not need to open several sites to access to up -to -date information - everything is available only in one click!

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