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Crisis of career growth and unemployment in Ukraine. What is the problem and how to decide it.

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Crisis of career growth and unemployment in Ukraine. What is the problem and how to decide it.

What interesting requirements do you have… Mentally, every unemployed Ukrainian speaks while reading the next vacancy on work.ua or rabota.ua. Repeatedly, seeing the same phrases in ads with meager wages:

  • "English level only from C1-C2" - salary 6000-10000 UAH;
  • "Sales Manager. Experience from 2 years ”- salary from 4000 - 32000 UAH (yes - yes, I’m already spending my first million to myself);
  • “Our sales manager Marina earned UAH 32,000 last month” (cool, why is the rate 5,000?);
  • "Company representative. Own car is mandatory” - Salary 15000 (responsibility for all 100%);
  • “Yeah, the bet is 2000 UAH, but it all depends on you. We don’t have a salary ceiling” – cool, and then why do I need you?;

Unfortunately, this list can be continued without end, but we are here in search of a solution, so we move on.

The problem of low wages and high demands has remained in Ukraine since the pre-war period. There are reasons, both economic and moral. In Ukraine, we have a fairly advanced and hardworking people, but, unfortunately, they do not believe in themselves. Why don't wages rise, and sometimes even fall? Is the economy to blame? Hmmm, not always.

Going to different interviews and amazed as a result of the offered salary and conditions, I always wondered who would agree to this. …. And very often, especially in the pre-war period, it was not that difficult circumstances and the need for work, people simply did not believe in themselves and no longer try to defend their rights and desires.

I have repeatedly met REALLY talented people who often LITERALLY dragged the company along with them, or brought unprecedented money, or were responsible for almost everything at the branch, who really Plowed for a minuscule ... I don’t speak for students in this case, everyone started with it, no, these are usually already adults who, over time, simply hate this work, but remain, because “what, but it is stability” ...

We do not believe in ourselves, which is why many employers take advantage of this. “Don't you want to? Yes, instead of you, I will find 10 more for such a salary. It's really disgusting... So what's the way out of a hated job when there is no financial opportunity to change it dramatically?

How to find motivation and benefit in work that you do not like:

  1. Think about what skills and opportunities this job can give you;
  2. Can it teach you something new?
  3. Can you learn something new that, at your discretion, will be useful to you in your future career from colleagues;
  4. Is there an opportunity to discuss your motivation with the manager (this can be a salary increase, a change in position, a change in duties, etc.);
  5. Try to remember if networking at your current job can give you a start in a new one (feel free to ask);
  6. Add to your evening after work not a series and tears, but something developing that can help you in another job (for example, learning English, learning a new field, etc.) - this will give a positive that you do not spend all your time and life only for the hated work - You. Looking for. Exit - Well done!
  7. Make the most of the weekend, let it be full - love sports - go to sports, dance - sign up, go to the theater, cinema, spend more time with friends or with the second half - do not concentrate only on the problem - it can be solved, the main thing is not to think, that work is your whole life;
  8. And most importantly, if you feel that none of this helps you have no strength for anything - you see no way out - contact a specialist - choose your psychologist and work through your condition - sometimes we cannot pull ourselves out of this state - and This is normal.

So, I hope this article was helpful to you. Remember, the main thing is to believe in yourself! And have a little patience.

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